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Discussion of this skin and other JAlbum issues should really take place at the JAlbum forum. You can discuss issues related to this skin specifically in the dedicated sub-forum. By using the JAlbum forum your comments can be shared and searched by other JAlbum users, not just users of this skin.

Before emailing me directly, please ask yourself it is really necessary for your question *not* be seen by others? I receive copies of all messages posted to the forum via email, and will give direct email regarding ExhibitPlus lower priority than if it was posted on the forum. I support ExhibitPlus on a "best effort" basis, and from time to time you might get better support from others on the forum than from me directly. Questions from people who haven't taken the time to read ANY of the documentation will usually be ignored or receive a sarcastic response. Before posting a message in the ExhibitPlus section please ask yourself whether your issue is related to the skin, or perhaps it is related to JAlbum itself?

Please feel free to provide feedback, hints, suggestions, praise, criticism, death threats etc. Your comments are welcome.

If you like the skin, then spread the word - tell your friends about JAlbum.

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