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What can be done to improve on this skin? Should new technologies be introduced into it? PHP/mysql integration? Perhaps a version in Flash? There are many possibilities.

What features would you like to see introduced?

Maybe you've decided to take this skin and use it as the base the develop your own skin? If you've done some good work, why not let me merge it back into ExhibitPlus and you can share your new features with many more people? I've tried to make the skin as flexible as possible to appeal to a wide range of tastes - it's not always possible to please everyone, but I'll at least try :-)

Have you defined your own colour scheme using a modified style sheet for this skin? Please let me know, and if I like it I'd love to include the style sheet with the distribution. Unlike some other skins, ExhibitPlus is designed in such a way that the visual aspects can be completely controlled via the style sheet. Perhaps you've made a custom button set, or a translation into your language - please share it!

Changes for the next version

This is a list of features / fixes which are planned to be incorporated into the next version. If there is a feature here that you would like, it could be that I have already completed it, but am waiting for other items to be completed before releasing a new version of the skin. In this case please contact me and I will be happy to supply you with a pre-release of the next version.

There will likely be one further version of ExhibitPlus - v1.5. This version will contain minor bug fixes, and some limited added functionality. After this it will be unlikely that I will develop ExhibitPlus further unless I receive code contributions from others. What turned into a small little project to try and publish my personal photos in a professional manner has ended up in an open-ended development process. I think conservative estimates would place the time I have dedicated to ExhibitPlus somewhere between 1500 and 3000 hours. The skin has been refined and polished, both with respect to the features visible to the user and the XHTML/CSS inside it. It is very stable and I will therefore not feel guilty about discontinuing further development after the next version.

The new features will be as follows:

valid XHTML 1.0! valid CSS!